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< The Collective > is a Horde guild on Whisperwind server. We are comprised primarily of older players (mid-20s and up) who prefer to play in a less structured and friendly environment.

That said, The Collective is also interested in progression and works to see some of the highest level content in the game. The Collective is also a loose confederation of individuals from various guilds who enjoy playing together and coordinate grouping for progression and fun. For us, the spirit of cooperative progression is more important than what guild tag a person is wearing. There are many people who are considered to be "in" The Collective who don't wear as their guild tag.

< The Collective > does not actively recruit members. Membership is only offered through sponsorship by an active member in good standing. We also do not accept potential members who are under the age of 18.

Officers: Guild Leader: Vija

Officers: Renatta, Synessa, Liandrin

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